Sunday, October 10, 2004

Talib Kweli, Iraq, and whatever else........

I brought Talib Kweli's "Beautiful Struggle" album, and I listened to it when I first brought it. What I want to do is listen to his last album and then the new one and do my "evaluation" based on the comparison.

As for Iraq, I noticed that one thingthat wasn't reported in the media was this get together of the Muslim nations to talk about what to do in Iraq. I think that it is encouraging and shows that the Muslim nations can handle their own affairs. However, the cynicism factor always creeps up; and with these Muslim nations, if you really look at the history of that part of the world you see how their is just no kind of unity in those nations. This is what one participant said:

The people who were responsible for Iraq's destruction should be the first people to pay for its reconstruction," he said. "Why should countries who were not involved in this exercise, who opposed the war in the first place, be asked to now fork out for the reconstruction of the Iraqi economy?"

I didn't watch the debate last night, but, I'm thinking, why the hell would they have a debate on Friday night? Nobody's thinking of that stuff!Like, my co-worker, she went to the R Kelly/Jay-Z "Best of Both Worlds" concert in Baltimore, Maryland. People are out, and about. The only people in on Friday are people with no lives!

I just watched that movie "The Perfect Score", and it was alright. Two typical white kids, two typical white girls, an Asian stoner(not very typical, I always thought they were brainy, and the kid had hacking skills), and a typical tall black high school basketball jock scheme to get the answers to the SAT. It's what I expect from a 21st century teen flick. Only thing I got out of this was that Erika Christensen, who was also that crazy chick from Swimfan is hot!

Other than that, I want to see that movie "The Motorcycle Diaries". But, I am broke as a joke. Oh well.

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