Sunday, November 07, 2004

Democrats, the youth vote, what will happen tommorow....

I remember after the Million Man March, people wondered what was "going to happen" next, and what these people who marched would do. When nothing got done, the March became seen as somewhat of a failure because people didn't mobilize. They didn't go back to their communities. They seemed to learn nothing of the experience.

I hope the mass mobilization of the Youth Vote won't go the same route. I would hope that the likes of P Diddy and Russell Simmons will see their achievments and try to step it up a notch. What happened on 11/2 was discouraging, but it has to be put in context. They caught the interest of a lot of people; and this should not be forgotten.

I found Michael Moore's "17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrist" funny. People have tossed around Michael Moore's name like a football as somebody who should be blamed for Democrats losing, but he put forth some intelligent points as to why the Bush victory was nothing of the sort. Last night on the Bill Maher show, this gay Republican said that Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore should be condemned as much as the Right Wing extremists. I guess I would only say that as long as somebody has an intelligent argument and doesn't fall to bigotry and ignorance, everybody should be heard.

I like this other weblog DailyWarNews, because this guy did a lot of work today in putting together his 11/7 entry(including all the violence that has happened in Iraq)....that's definetly something to check out.

This other simple minded site "Right Wing Stuff has a bunch of nonsense like t-shirts with John Kerry saying "I'm Bushed" (hahahahah....regular Eddie Murphy shyt?)

I saw Soul Plane last night, and it was dumb (a critical analysis is not necessary), but I love me some Angell Conwell!!!!! Those luscios lips, those eyes, that body. Damn.Her website is Angell, and I just loved any scene she was in, including the one where she disrobed down to her bikini, and turned around. Another woman in there was the luscious Lanisha Cole. She had a brief scene serving a whole bunch of drinks as a bartendar in the club part of the plane. She can be seen more of on the site Music Video Beauties. Apparently, she's been in a bunch of videos. Again, a stupid movie, but the women in it are tight.

I also bumped into a site which proposed the New American Empire. I've been wondering, will the Bush Administration bring peace to the Middle East?Will there be a "Holy American Empire" like the "Holy Roman Empire", another manifestation of white supremacy? Or is it not about white supremacy, but just "freedom"?

I like the response to the election on Baghdad Burning, one of my favorite Iraqi bloggers. She said she wants to send her condolences to us blue staters with limericks like:

Cheer up...
Your son was too young for Afghanistan.
And it's still a bit early for Iran-
But there's plenty of time for Syria...
And he'll definitely serve in North Korea!

One more thing: Tupac was right, black people are trapped. Black conservatives won't admit it, but sooner or later, they will have to face that, and we'll all have to come together. I tried to see the middle ground, but it is obvious to me now that these people aren't playing around. Things are going to get real hectic.

Check out Bush Uncensored!

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