Saturday, November 20, 2004

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I missed another NBA brawl!What was up here? The funniest thing was seeing these pudgy, pencil necked geeks running up on these big NBA dudes. I see the footage on TV, and I just can't believe that these goofballs throw beer on the players, jealous because of the fact that the players got going for them, and these people haven't got a damn thing. I saw this fat, pudgy dude get punched in his face. He got what he deserved. If people don't like the fact that these players get all the money, girls, sex, and everything else, then don't support them! Geez.

So what was it that ODB died of?The world will probably never know.......

Will his record sales double due to this controversy? Young Buck surrenders.

LOL. "Toilet wall" falls on Eminem. Plus, his crappy album sold 711,000 copies in the first week.

Xzibit hates on artists who sell records, unlike him.

They have hip hop in Norway? I guess they do, and the US government has ordered a Norweigan hip hop site to be closed. They were criticizing Georgie Bush! Heaven forbid.

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