Tuesday, November 02, 2004

“Those damn hip hop kids! Damn the hip hop crowd!”…………..

Of course I voted today, but after I voted I had a headache the whole day.....

These last couple of days the political air has been fanatical. Through observation, I have seen how what’s most important to people is the war on Iraq, with a little bit of foresight to the War on Terror.

However, it’s all been spun to be that Iraq is the War on Terror. The popular belief is that if we fight them over there, we don’t have to fight them over here. I’m not sure if the families of the 100,000 dead Iraqis would appreciate that, but I guess that it is a point well taken by most simple people.

Another thing that is most important to people is gay marriage and abortion. Most conservative Republicans want the government to tell people you can’t have an abortion and that you can’t marry gay. The gay marriage argument that “well, if you allow gay people to marry, then people will push it to being able to marry animals or legally being pedophiles. So, the government has to tell us what’s socially acceptable and what’s not socially acceptable. I think that a great number of people who went to the polls went with only these things in mind.

Another crazy reflection I heard on a call-in show this morning was that people should vote for Bush because the kids in the military are for Bush, and there votes might get lost in the shuffle. She said that the hip hop kids were for Kerry, and that voters had to vote Bush. Now, I may not have written it the best way, but the way I interpret the phone call was that the military kids=Bush=good, and hip hop crowd=Kerry=evil. It was an interesting yet disturbing contrast made clear that somehow the “hip hop” set all voted for Kerry.

I’m sure that the hip hop crowd consists of a wide variety of people from the more politically aware who may have put a lot of thought into their choice and made their decision based on the convictions, to the clueless who just went saw Eminem’s video and decided that Bush was the epitome of all that was evil and decided they would vote like last night; but how they settle that issue of not even being registered would be on them. It may even shock this person that maybe some kids in the military like hip hop!

I find the idea that the soldiers are perfect Republican angels who only like Bush and represent all that is good, and the hip hop crowd with their music and attitude and their John Kerry representing all that is evil, a bunch of crap. Scary thing is that most of the people went to the polls with this kind of mentality. I find it funny that nobody wants to do any kind of research. My effort wasn’t perfect, but at least I know what the candidates who I voted for stand for.

But I have heard and read alot of crap. Examples:

"I will vote for Bush because of his religion"

"I will vote for Bush because voting for Kerry will make the terrorists happy"

"I will vote for Bush because the Democrats want to ban the Bible"

"I will vote for Bush because the Democrats want to put Saddam back in power"

"I’m voting for Bush because of his stance on abortion, but I will remain ignorant and dumb on every other issue because I might have to think to hard and my head might explode".

LOL. Bush supporters are as funny as Eddie Murphy to me!

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