Sunday, November 28, 2004

Raven Symon-the next big thing?

Raven Symone.....I got my latest issue of Jet Magazine, and I found out Raven is now like legal age! However, they said 18, or is it 19? Like when Rudy Huxtable started appearing in the public eye all grown, I'm sure this has the Hollywood smut peddlers and Black Men's magazine publishers salivating and brainstorming how can they be first at getting a crack at exploiting what could potentially be the next big thing. I'm even seeing posts on the KING Magazine site about her, and many websites like Raven Liveand Raven Source.

The fact that she's 18, I can see her employers downplaying that, keeping her a teen but a more innocent type teen, leaning to her being more the Cosby kid than the KING Magazine(or dare I say Playboy Magazine?)spread.

However, lots of video honeys, porn stars, Playboy Playmates, and even the girls in the smut rag Black Tail Magazine are 18 to 20 years old. Ultimately, I guess it will be up to her, but I think she will make the right choices and won't end up used and trashed by the time she's 25.

Most kiddy stars fall by the wayside, but she went from being a pre-schooler to being a young lady, and through it all has always been a star. She has talent. Not alot of those other girls who use questionable means to get big have that. Plus, since everybody remembers her when she was that cute little kid, she may be able to maintain that innocence that pretty much defines her. That will distinguish her from the legions of girls who have to take off their clothes or be in some rap video to get noticed.

But, I'm sure KING Magazine, Smooth Magazine and Playboy are probably hounding her with offers. Though I like these magazines, I hope if she is offered the chance she won't do it.

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  1. diana marcela2:15 PM

    hola soy de colombia mi idolo eres tu raven eres genial y muy linda. mi sueño es algun dia conocerte. muchos exitos