Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another rap war?

It was funny as hell, I saw the whole fight on CNN at the Vibe Awards, and it was a bunch of guys just fighting..during the awards ceremony. Brothas be trippen'! It was a smaller version of what happened at the Source Awards a few years back.

Big Snoop Dogg
I haven't heard the "official" story, but I suspect that Suge Knight, who was at the ceremony, wants to start another rap war to bring Death Row back in the game.Young Buck was involved in a stabbing, and now is wanted by LAPD.

You know, when Suge got out of jail a couple years back, I was excited, being a fan of west coast rap. I anticipated Crooked I's album coming out, I brought the soundtack to Dysfunktional Family which I liked, but wasn't widely well recieved, like much of Death Row's latest product.

The old days

Years later, Death Row has remained more or less a clearing house for Tupac's tunes. The G.A.M.E has stolen Crooked I's style, NINA died, and all the other new artists fell by the waistside. They are putting out something by Kurupt,and I like Kurupts music, so we will have to wait and see whether that makes Death Row a major player.

But, basically, I think it was just Suge trying to get at Dre, trying to bring back that lil conflict that we all thought fizzled. I just hope it doesn't get to the point of somebody else getting shot. Beyond this, hopefully this wont become something bigger. Funny how Snoop threw that diss at Suge, saying that Suge can deal with him and his crew. Snoop's cool to me, but he talks a big game, like he's a real "gangsta". Funny.

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    tupac is a sik legend rapper