Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush things we are all going to have to watch: Tax Code and Social Security........

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Today, in this news release, the two things that concerned me, and I hope intelligent voters like myself, were the tax code and Social Security.

Now, at first I thought that Bush would abolish the IRS and make it so a tax return would be very simple. However, Bush said:

As another top priority, Bush said he will work to make the tax code simpler and more fair. He said he believes certain incentives should be built into a rewritten code -- for example, provisions to encourage charitable giving and homeownership. He said the changes would be "revenue-neutral" -- not a hidden way of raising taxes and reducing the deficit, as some of his critics have charged.

Now, having done taxes for a couple of years, I would say that these items are already in the code in the form of Itemized Deductions. Thing is, if it is written into the tax return as an income adjustment or a tax credit, that will be chaotic because everybody an their mother will be claiming items, and so there'd have to be new protocol to verify thats charitable deductions. As far as homeownership, well, isn't that in the form of being able to deduct your home mortgage? In the District, people who buy a home for the first time are able to take a $5,000 tax credit. I think that would be the only thing I could think of that would be beneficial to tax payers. But, the benefit of all that would depend on income, # of children, etc.

How Bush is going to "simplify" the tax code and make it fairer is something I am going to watch. Also, the Bushanomics, which include simple formulas like "low taxes leads to more consumption:. I'm puzzled how the President seems to say that people shouldn't pay taxes, yet the government under a validated Republican House and Senate is going to probably pursue a string of foreign wars in its zeal to bring Democracy to the rest of the world. I would think that the government doesn't need money ,and I guess it doesn't:

"If there was a need to raise taxes, I'd say, 'Let's have a tax bill that raises taxes,' as opposed to 'Let's simply the tax code and sneak a tax increase on the people.' It's just not my style. I don't believe we need to raise taxes. I've said that to the American people. And so the simplification would be the goal."

Oh, and yes, according to the article, he did say, "Let's Simply". I guess that it doesn't matter to the American people the deficit or the payment to make all these other countries free, they just trust Bush because of his morals. I guess if I get more money in my pocket (not that much, I'll bet), Im not going to ask them to take more; I couldn't care less if they have money to carry on their "end terror through Democracy" world tour (that'd make an interesting t-shirt), and Im not Jay-Z or P Diddy, so I won't get that gigantic tax cut which I can use to consume bling or fancy cars.

In the end, what has calmed me down about what has happened has been to decide what is important in my relation to the government. Unlike others, abortion and gay marriage don't affect me so I will not exert much emotional energy when the Federal Judges ban abortion and gay marriage; they just don't matter to me. I have decided that the following are most important to me in my relation to the government:

Social Security
Deficits and debts of the USA home ownership
Financial aid (if I want to go back to school)T
The economy
Job outsourcing
College costs (for when I want to send my kids to school)
Community service

I say that anything having to do with morals is my business, and I don't care what the government says is moral and not moral.

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