Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Eminem-Tupac's Pimp?

I went to the Sam Goody store to shop around and saw the new Tupac-Eminem collaboration album. I guess being the purist that I am, I just am not feeling that whole concept. This is more for the Tupac cult of kids born between 1985-1990 who wear Tupac t-shirts and saw the movie Tupac Ressurected. Maybe some hardcore Tupac fans might like it, but I don't.

Why? Im just saying that first of all, I don't like how it's other folks (his mother, Eminem, and a bunch of other people) controlling his image. They even manipulate his voice so he is shouting out to people he never even knew. It's a shame that the people he kicked it with when he was alive don't benefit from his legacy.

Instead, now his mother, an ex-Panther, has found her ultimate meal ticket. This beats the days she spent in jail when she was doing time for robbing banks. Now, she seeked out Eminem, the ultimate moneymaker in hip hop, and found that combined with Tupac's cult like status and Eminem's cash-producing abilities, she doesn't ever have to work a day in her life. Shot, I don't blame her, after all, I don't like going to work every day, and if I had a way out, I'd take it too!

I haven't heard it, but the whole concept I detest. I've read some reviews and they all seem to show little enthusiasm for Em's beat making. I myself find it despicable that Tupac's voice is just being sold to the highest bidder, so he can be molded in the image of what somebody else thinks he should be, not what he really is.

I would hope that anybody who bothers to buy this has already brought all his other albums first. Please do that first, if you are considering buying this album.

Strictly for My NIGGAZ

2Pacalypse Now

Me Against the World

All Eyez on Me

Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

Thug Life: Vol. 1

The typical Eminem fan responds:

Nelson Muntz of "the Simpsons" fame
"You're just hating, dude! Eminem rocks, man!"

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