Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A real life Tony Montana?

The end of the drug trade? Colombian police say they have arrested a man on a list of the drug-traffickers most wanted by the US.The US says Dagoberto Florez Rios is a member of the Norte del Valle cartel, which is estimated to smuggle at least 30% of the cocaine that reaches the US.

50 Cent rakes in $50 Million in 2004. That's more than the U.S. aid for victims of the Asian tsunami. Kinda messed up to me. Is the US government being stingy?

Those "collector editions" CD's are a rip off! The collector's edition of Eminem's Encore album, which sells for about $27, comes with 25 glossy photos depicting the rapper firing a gun into his theater audience, and a bonus disc that allows access via the Internet to an Eminem cellphone ringtone. LOL....what a scam!

The Year in Twin Cities Hip Hop

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