Monday, December 27, 2004

Players Ball 2005

Bishop Don "Magic" Juan will be there for sure!

I had no idea, but after reading this about this cat D Money and his Players Ball, I found out that the Players Ball 2005 will be in my favorite city Las Vegas on 1/6/2005. Check out The Official Website to get your playa pass. For more information also check out The Publicity Whore.

Also check out:

San Antonio strippers say they're scared and angry, one day before that new law forcing them to wear badges when performing in public is set to take effect.

Check outJay's Homepage. this is funny: Has the Hip-Hop NBA become the thug league?

Hip-Hop And The 9/11 Truth Movement:Politics in hip-hop is nothing new, and some argue it is the fifth, or sixth, element of hip-hop – depending on where you place the art of beat boxing.

Check out the mildly offensive New Zealand site "Homie Central"

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