Friday, December 03, 2004

More hip hop, politics, and stuff........

Cointelpro reloaded?"Nationwide Effort to Expose Possible Illegal FBI JTTF Spying on Political and Religious Groups"

J Edgar Hoover
What is Cointelpro?

Kinda looks like a dork to me, but......Actor Colin Salmon has said that he should be the first "hip-hop" black James Bond as he emerged as the hot favourite to take over the role.

Who is James Bond?

Daara J
Exploring African Hip-Hop

You ask, "How could those "bushmen"take hip hop from us Americans"? Read more about African hip hop on, you arrogant Yankee American!

Afrikaans hip-hop/rap group Kallitz went behind bars at Pollsmoor Prison in Tokai to perform an gig for hundreds of juveniles.

'Fade to Black' an entertaining look at a hip-hop icon

Reggae, Hip-Hop and Politics:When ask why such a harsh stance was taken against Colin Powell, Bookman replied: ‘Well I am a Jamaican and he is of Jamaican heritage, so I hold him to a much higher standard than the other major players within the Bush administration. When those high standards are not met, then it is only natural that he be shown the errors of his ways through words, powers and sounds.

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