Sunday, December 26, 2004

Today was a nothing day

Today, I was messing with the new Ipod that I got for Christmas. I went around mostly websurfing, playing around with the Pod, watching the Austin Powers flick, and drolling at pics of Toxic(and Terrie).

Interesting article: NBA Embraces Hip-Hop Beat, Risks Alienating Older Fans

Big pimpin' baby in South Africa: Alleged child pimps to appear in court

Check out Crazy Leg

That Menace II Society scene ain't real:2 drug dealers convicted of killing addict

Who the hell is Renegade Foxxx?

A book about Mafia gangsters! A movie about mafia gangsters!

Top Ten Blackpoitation flicks.....

It seems like the gang situation in Honduras has gotten really outta control; check out this story you wont really see on the American news:
Gunmen Kill 28 on Bus in Honduras; Street Gangs Blamed

Also check out:
Street gangs blamed in massacre and Honduras troop blitz hits gangs.

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