Monday, December 13, 2004

It's 2:26 in the morning. What the hell am I doing?

I gotta be up early to go to work. But, I dunno, Im just pumped up today. I been reading a bunch of hip hop blogs. A summary of my favorite entries. I'll admit that I am not really the greatest at this, but these folks take it all to a higher art form or something. HIP HOP LYRICS: NO HOMO, MISOGYNY, AND ANTI-SEMITISM

Black on Both Sides:Black employees + Customer Service = Customer Dissatisfaction

Byron Crawford: The Game = A less charismatic 50 Cent

Can't Stop Wont Stop: R.I.P. Gary Webb

Hip Hop Blogs: Hip-Hop Nerds

Funk Digital: Destiny's Child - I heard they slippin'

Hardly Art: J. Hov's declaration that the artist f.k.a. T.I.P. was the real deal (I've been known to believe the hype from time to time) I figured Urban Legend would bang, if not break. All it really did was make me realize that everybody really, truly wants him to be great...but he's not.

Keeping it Real and Right: When it comes to action, however, that historical perspective is a limiting factor. Samantha does a good job of illustrating that in The New Black Freedom Fighter.

Street Dreams: Strictly Business and Dime Time

Im off to bed. It's like, waaaayy past my bedtime, like 2:35 AM. I'm going to sleep well tonite!

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