Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Mac Dre, Hip Hop and Politics, etc.

First off, I didn't have any idea that Mac Dre was dead.That's too bad in that I did download some of his music offEmusic, so I was really starting to like his music.They even had a story on OnlyPunjab, an East Indian website. Damn, that's messed up.

I found out about it on Andisa Banjoko's website Lyrical Swords. He had an interesting essay "The Quest for Realness in Religion, Hip Hop and Politics" It's a really tight essay where he makes lots of good points.

I'm pretty disappointed at Stevie Wonder for getting into the whole stupid Eminem vs. Michael Jackson conflict. That whole thing first of all is so retarted it's not funny. However, I was not really suprised at some of what I saw on the Yahoo message board of Eminem's fans insulting Stevie Wonder. Making fun of his blindness, calling him a "has been" and saying that a video should be made of Eminem mocking Stevie Wonder.

First of all, what I define as a "has been" is a flash in the pan like Hammer who came and was hot for a summer and then disappeared into obscurity, until he turns up on a reality TV show, a emerging medium for has beens. Stevie Wonder's music has influenced generations, has spanned decades, and has made a great impact on music. I,and hundreds of other people would go to any concert he was giving.

The utter lack of respect that these fans of Eminem who want to berate Stevie Wonder is something I have come to just expect. They generally have no real knowledge of black music, or do they really care to have any interest in anything without curse words and monotonous basslines. And to make fun of Stevie Wonder because of his blindness? I can't find the words to describe some of these people.

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