Wednesday, February 09, 2005

2 Protests going on, same company

The cats who own Taco Bell/KFC are not having an easy time. A friend of mine told me about the boycott of Taco Bell over the treatment of their workers. I found one article here in the Daily Northwestern. Apparently, the workers who pick the tomatoes are recieving like very little in wages:

The workers -- who pick the tomatoes Taco Bell uses for its food products and are paid per bucket picked -- receive the same wages as they did in the 1970s. Currently the workers have to pick two tons of tomatoes in a single day to get $50.

Apparently, when researching it just now, I found it was an old issue. A concert tour (Taco Bell Truth Tour) was on the CIW online website. I guess I'll have to read up a little more about that one.

Also, the Beastie Boys are joining up to protest KFC with PETA because of the treatment of animals.

These restaurants are owned by YUM Brands. Check out their website.

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