Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Indecency laws?

Let's ban everything and be like the Cleaver family!

I found really amusing watching Congress debate about raising the fines for "indecency" over the airwaves. Now networks over the airwaves (not cable, the internet, or satellite radio) can expect that if a bunch of fuddy duddy backwoods Republicans and their front groups (like the Parents TV Council, and the American Family Association)detect another "wardrobe malfunction" or something as scandelous as another bare breast, the FCC will harrass the networks that these people don't like. It was funny on C-SPAN the reactions of people calling in. There are actually people who want things to go back to the era of Beaver and the Cleaver Family. That's so odd to me, how people would actually want it to be the 50's again. Granted, you'd want to be there if you are white, because if you were black in the 50's, you'd have to put up with all that segregation nonsense and overt racism.

Gee, the 50's was such a swell decade!

Plenty of people expressed their dismay at how it's not like the 50s anymore, where people lived "traditional values". What about those seperate water fountains, or those seperate restaurants? Really moral, huh? Really traditional?

Whites can say, "That racism is in the past", but then never hesitate to
babble about things being "much better" back then without considering that racism that did happen!

That this censorship would bring us back to such an era is such a diversion. The 50s is way behind us, and that is not something I would ever want to get back to. What these people should be thinking about is not Beaver Cleaver; such innocence was just an image, it just never was. All throughout the debate, the Republicans were talking about protecting children. This kind of defensive can be used to justify outright censorship; they could use this defense to ban books they don't like, ban music they don't like and ban teaching sex education (after all, wont that corrupt the children?)

Look, the kids are going to pick up bad habits anyways from the other kids at school! Why don't Republicans and these other goody two shoes and moral stiffs admit that it is human nature for kids to be bad and mischevious? Why are people always trying to sugar coat youth? Hasn't anybody seen the movie the Bad News Bears? Those were the rottenest group of kids, and that movie was made in the 70s! By and large, I grew up around kids like that, and they were bad!

What a tangled web we weave. I wish this never happened.

What scares me next is the next move these Republicans make. Before you know it, they will be back to banning the book Catcher in the Rye. "We must protect the children, they say." Whatever.

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