Sunday, February 13, 2005

I Missed the Grammies

I missed the grammies. They always suck anyways. I watched the Simpsons and Family Guy instead.

The Simpsons show tonight was the one which had 50 Cent in it. Bart goes to a rap concert, gets on stage and does a freestyle rap dissing his Dad. 50 Cent was only in one frame, while the rest of the episode had this fictional MC named Alkatraz. I don't know if this caricture is what the Simpsons producers think a rapper is, but really, he seemed to be pulled straight out of a bad mid 90's gangsta rap video.

The whole episode was not even really funny, but just a crude display of bad gangsta rap cliches-naked girls (though I have no problem with that), low riders bouncing up and down, and everytime Alkatraz's crew got mad they pulled out guns all at the same time. That was about the gist of it. The humor came from the mixing of something as white bread as the Simpsons with hardcore "black" gangsta rap.

This theme continued on tonight's episode of that show Family Guy. As a whole, this series best shows are worse than the Simpson's latest episodes, which have been really bad lately. Fox is taking a chance brining this show back, which was relegated to the Cartoon Network before being revived to fill the void for Sunday Night programming on Fox. Tonight's episode was the whiter than white father figure, kinda a dipstick Dad figure in the same vein as Homer Simpson, finding out he had a black slave ancestor, and all of a sudden he wants to be where black people are before he finds himself unwelcome. Like at a black comedy show like "Def Comedy Jam", he says something in response to the comedians jokes, the black people all are quiet and look at him angrily, and he walks out and hits the emergency exit by mistake. That's the gist of that.

Where these episodes a response to (and mockery of) the Grammies new found funkiness? Hmmm....

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