Thursday, February 17, 2005

Reflections Today

You know, it trips me out how these bloggers have gotten it into their heads that they have some kinda clout, and they call the shots and can bring down a man's career.

Now, in regard to this whole concept of being a blogger, I think that it is good for being creative, but the whole thing is that nobody actually sees bloggers for who a lot of them really are-and in some cases that may be a good and bad thing. Most of you bloggers may have nothing to hide, but some others? Well, I don't know. It's always easy to try to assert some kind of power from a keyboard, to be "the MAN".

Even in the hip hop blogger world, my thing is, I hardly read hip hop blogs, may read them once in a while, and they alright for like once in a while, or a blue moon. Some guys Im cool with, some don't know me, and I don' know about the others. But I'll never forget one cat saying that the Alchemist was spamming his comments function as though Alchemist did it personally so people would buy his album. Well, it being on EMusic, and me being a big Emusic enthusiast, I downloaded his whole album and it's hot, and believe me, Alchemist doesn't have time to be messing with some brotha's weblog. Another blogger said that his comments on his blog ruined Talib Kweli's album sales. Well, I didn't give a crap what a nigga said on his blog, I brought Talib's album, and sure, his rapping isn't perfect, but he's far from sounding like shyt. I mean, come on, who the hell in hip hop is perfect at rapping? You could talk shyt about everybody from Tupac to Biggie to Too Short to Cube, but who gives a crap, it's entertainment! This is the music you listen to when you're kicking it, when you're chilling at whatever spot you hang at, you bump in your car, whatever. I appreciate the art as much as the next man, but niggaz are too critical.

But, it's even worse in the mainstream, you got people losing their jobs if these bloggers react negatively, its like you got a legion of pencil necks running to their computers the minute somebody says something unfavorable to the war in Iraq, the US Army or Bush. To me, it's almost like a modern day version of the Salem Witch trials. It sucks, in that this blogging thing is suppossed to be just a form of expressing your views, but people are using it to disrupt people's lives. Like, even on the left you got some of these nuts who threatened one of the guys who was in the White House Press Corps, and they are talking this nonsense to death on these blogs. I don't like the Republicans as much as the next man, but Im not with threatening people's families, which this guy said people were doing. You know how those Republicans love to whine and make a big deal about things, but I dont know, if what he says really happened, I think these bloggers have to answer for that.

I'm not naming names, because I really think that this blogging thing has gotten out of hand. It has gotten reactionary, mean spirited, and ugly. What do you want, the Bush Administration to start pushing for regulating the net? No more of those zany sites on the left, right or hip hop when that happens, the net will become a place like the ol school Prodigy, where we can learn how to pot a plant. That's what you all will get for all this ugliness a lot of you all perpetuate.

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