Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hip Hop in the 80's-Breakdance Commercials

Anybody remember back in the 80's all those hip hop breakdancing commercials? Long before rappers were brought into the mix, and when breakdancing was a worldwide phenomenom, breakdancers were the first celebrities in the hip hop world, and alot of them made some impressive commercials.

Like, I remember this one for Converse where these people were doing these really impressive acrobatic stunts. It was just out there what they did. Two kids were liked linked and the one in front had his feet around the one in back, and both of them did that dance I think that was called the worm. You know, that dance where you have your hands on the floor and you bring your body downward.

I also remember this other other sneaker commercial where these kids did these unbelievable windmills; I would see that all the time on channel 5 from NYC. Alot of the early breakdance commercials were for sneakers because that was what they were wearing; the funny thing about these was that the rapper would be invisible; and you'd hear the music, but the breakdancer would be the main performer.

The trend continued, but it did get corny, like there was a Skittles commercial where these new waver looking kids did these simple dance moves. Then there were the Flinstone breakdance commercials, and you knew that it was all over once you saw the Flinstones breakdancing, trying to hustle the Fruity Pebbles and all the rest of that crap. WTF?

I wished that I caught those commercials on tape; they were truly impressive. At that time, ironically, there were no hip hop videos on MTV, even though it was already a given that hip hop fashion and music could make money, but the whole discrimatory attitude still prevailed; MTV was for rock in the 80's, and you had to be a superstar (like Michael Jackson or Prince) before you could get a shoot on MTV; that's such a contrast from what MTV is now.

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