Monday, February 28, 2005

Vibe, 50 Cent, other stuff...

You know, it's the craziest thing. It all started out coming home from a long hard day working two jobs, and I just got the latest issue of Vibe. Im so sick and tired of 50 Cents big ass head. His interviews now are just wack. He's talking about how he's dissing Fat Joe, dissing Jadakiss, and I talked about that earlier, but now he's dissing Nas! He was talking about how he had to pay his dues in the NYC scene, and how he's got beef with Ja Rule, and they did songs with him, so now he feels that he has to "destroy" them. He's trying to do what he did to Ja Rule (or what he feels he's done) to Jada and Joe.

I think it's lame that 50 feels that he's gotta diss other people in order to make a point. Thing is, most of these rap fans are lame enough to stop buying an artists album because the more popular artist talked about the other. Personally, I don't really care for Fat Joe; I would never buy an album of his material. I also don't really care for Jada; if anything, I'd buy his bootleg. I'm not going to buy 50's new album either; I may download some tracks, buy a bootleg, or check out the latest mixx CD's if I can get to the bootleggers downtown, but I won't go out of my way to buy the shyt that 50 proudly parades as $16.99. That's bs, I'd rather buy it for $5.00 at the bootlegger.

Another aspect I liked of the latest Vibe was the top 50 most influential hip hop films. I liked the list, it was cool, it had some movies I dig. Here's a partial list of movies that didn't make that list and that I don't know if they are influential, but I liked them more than 8 Mile:

Disorderlies-The Fat Boys as the 3 Stooges, how can you go wrong?

Rappin'-Mario Van Peebles played "Rappin' Hood". Sure it sucked, but it was just stupid funny.

Tougher Than Leather-part blaxpoitation, part action flick, part RUN DMC whopping your azz.

Rhyme or Reason How could they forget this documentary?

The Show Well, this one did kinda suck.....

Delivery Boys Classic sleeper about pizza delivery boys who breakdance. Never mind the plot, the dancings pretty hot....

CB4 Thought Chris Rock sucked at the Oscars? He sucked even worse in this flick!

Fear of A Black Hat Same concept as CB4, lower budget, but better.

South Central-You gotta see this one. No Menace to Society, but unintentionally funny.

Don't Drink Your Juice in the Hood...Unlike "South Central", this was supposed to be funny.....

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