Sunday, February 27, 2005

Chris Rock & 50 Cent

I don't know if it was just me, but I don't think that Chris Rock was any good at all on the Grammy Awards. He did alot of racial humor, alot of halfway decent cracks, but to me, his schtick would be appropriate for the BET Awards or the Soul Train Awards. In the overwhelmingly white Grammies, the whole routine just seemed, I dunno, a little out of place.

I recorded the "State of the Black Union" off C-SPAN this last weekend. I haven't watched it as of yet. What I found funny was the Rev Jesse Peterson, the black Republican "opposing view" on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" who has a very extreme view of Republicans being good and Democrats being evil, and Bush being sent by God and whites being more hard on black people to account for their situation.

50 Cent is talking trash, trying to provoke Fat Joe and Jadakiss by continuing to criticize them, saying they aren't good songwriters. He has a good point about Fat Joe; he was never really all that good at lyrics or songs. Jadakiss on the other hand is pretty cold on the mic, but he doesn't get good sales. I've never really been fascinated by Jadakiss, he sounds like a slower and more hardcore Ma$e. I like that song "Why" of course, but Im not really a hardcore Jada fan. Some of his freestyles are hot, but his songs are halfway decent. I guess I'd have to listen to his albums song for song, which I have not.

I picked up the new issue of Smooth Girl, and it was a decent issue. What stuck out for me was the Allure spread. I'm still recovering from the Kenya Moore cover of the Smooth Magazine issue, that was hot. This one has one of the ex members of Destiny's Child, that girl named Farrah. Speaking of Destiny's Child, Beyonce was hot doing all the songs on the Grammies.

I love that Jammie Fox got the best actor award for Ray; to me that makes up for Denzel getting that award for that ugliness he played in the entertaining yet disturbing Training Day, and Halle Berry's portrayal of the helpless black ho for the racist white in the revolting Monster's Ball. What a piece of crap that was. Jammie Fox got his award I feel in a more positive way; he didn't have to sell his soul.

Jammie's characters in Booty Call and maybe even Player's Ball led a lot to be desired, but he honestly paid his dues doing these movies. In being in Ray and his other movie Collateral, Jammie played positive roles, especially in Collateral. I think that in the end Jammie did a tremendous one up over Denzel and Halle. It may be his only moment in the spotlight, his only moment to shine, but it was a great moment.

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