Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Politics of Droppy Pants

I think it is ridiculous in Virginia the attempt to outlaw baggy pants. It is funny to me what some of those nerdy politicians get all worked up about. Some funny quotes:

“It’s not an attack on baggy pants. It’s not about Janet Jackson. It’s not about Randy Moss,” Howell said. “When a person gets to the point that he or she doesn’t want to sit on the porch because of the way people are dressed, it’s time to do something.”

Sitting on the porch? Huh? I don't know, what some of these politicians say just doesn't make any kind of sense to me.

Most of us would identify this as the coarsening of society,” said Del. John S. Reid, R-Richmond. “Underwear is called underwear for a reason.”

On CNN, they had a report about this, and in one scene, they showed a woman's booty with really tight pants and you could see one bit of a thong. I wanted to see that booty again. I'll bet that most of these politicians playing these "Mr Moral Values" roles would have wanted to see that woman's booty again. I wouldn't blame them, but then that would show what hypocrites they are. Looks like in Bush America, it is okay to shove your opinions and morals in everybodys face. Next time you go to Virginia, wear your pants baggy, or any way you damn well please. Screw the politicians! Next time you come in Maryland ladies, show your thongs. It's perfectly legal out here!

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