Monday, February 28, 2005

Latest Blogrolls.......

I got blogrolled at a couple of blogs. I really have to check out at least weekly Mixtapes Etc., which I have not only because I got two jobs and I am not able to go to the local bootlegger as much to check out the CD's this brotha promotes. I have to count on ITunes and Emusic for the latest tunes lately, and that kinda sucks at .99 cents a song. Before you know it, all your grip is out the window messing with that. Plus, all the music is the commercial stuff on ITunes at least, and Emusic has music that I like but which isn't that popular. But anyways, Im blogrolled there at that site, and that's a tight one.

Im also blogrolled at the crappy Right-Wing blog Hennessy's View. Bill Hennessy is a Republican who I have questioned about his beliefs but he is convinced that I am a commie/socialist "fag lover". I like annoying him, and in his comments field I use the name "Soupman" just to get on his nerves. In the blogroll section he has me labled "left". Just because I disagree with him and his world view, he is convinced I am a commie. Hey, whatever works for him, I don't care. I quit commenting to him because I just got bored with his whole extreme worldview that everybody who doesn't love Bush is a "socialist" intent on destroying people like him. Whatever.


  1. Soupman,

    I never referred to you or to anyone else as "fag lover."

    Oh, and it seems a lot of people (including some really hot women) in Lebanon find my world view pretty attractive.


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