Sunday, May 23, 2004

Honey,there's one thing you didnt shrink!

The only thing noteworthy in this movie is Jessica Alba'sbody. Thats the only thing. It's quite a treat to watch this woman in action, and how she moves. Unbelievable.

Other than that, the story I wasn't really feeling. I think that somebody must have seen the old school "Body Rock" movie with Lorenzo Lamas and decided to update it. The movies have in common somebody who makes a come up, pisses off the person who made him/her, and then despite being blacklisted from the scenes they are breaking into, they triumph in a major way.

Then there's the premise I've seen too many times of a dance group winning a contest, therefore winning money or something and triumphing in the end. Its been done too many times in movies like Sister Act, the Fighting Temptations, except in those movies they were singing but it was close to the same premise.

This stands as one of those quick cash urban dramas like Save the Last Dance and 8 Mile. The look and the feel is the same for showing young teens what urban America looks like. It didn't do anything for me, but it might excite the 14-18 year old young 'uns it was made for.

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  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I Love this movie
    the moves are 5*