Thursday, May 20, 2004

How the AK-47 Came To Rule the Street

You don't hear that much AK-47 and Uzi talk in rap anymore. Thank God, but in the early to mid 90's that was the staple of rap music. Ice Cube used to make references to Uzi's in like every other rap as part of his reality,as a problem and solution all at the same time.

This article here is about "How the Uzi Came to Rule the Streets"

A Quote:

The latest weapon of choice on the streets, the one getting all the attention today, is the Russian Kalashnikov, or AK-47 -- a large assault rifle capable of holding 100 rounds in one clip. On the streets it's called a street-sweeper, because anything it hits gets swept away. Cars and trucks are turned into Swiss cheese -- imagine what this weapon does to human beings.

Why is this gun the gun of choice? Simple. Let's say you have a shotgun, or a snub-nose .38, or a Glock 9mm. I have a rapid-fire, handheld cannon (the AK-47). When you run out of bullets, I'm just getting started. You can't hide. I'm the equivalent of seven well-armed hunters; you're a sitting duck. You've got a pellet gun; I've got lightning bolts and thunder

I'd say that I don't know if I am convinced, but then again, hey, I just like hip hop, I may not run in those circles, but here in DC you dont have many deaths being the result of big weapons. I don't think guns should be glorified or named; I remember back in the days here in DC kids would wear black T-shirts with guns on them; one had "Mac 11 makes ya, jump, jump." In this day and age, all guns should not be glorified or made to be "cool".

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