Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Today's hip hop beefs...zzzzzz

I usually keep up with the current beefs by buying DJ PCutta's "Street Warrior" series.

However, the beefs this summer now are just dull. As we know, the beef's are just a marketing tactic to sell records, and thats real in a day and age when an artist can sell 10 million records. It used to be real back in the day, but ever since Kool Moe Doe dissed LL back in '88 its been more one artist dissing another to draw attention to themselves. Its a marketing thing.

I was browsing the message boards and found rumors about beefs between Camron and Eminem and Joe Budden and "The Game". Now, I don't care too much for Eminen, which I guess sounds backwards because he's the voice of this generation, but Im not in this generation. Camron I don't care for either; I liked when he first came out with 3-5-7, but then he started doing this pop rap and that "Horse & Carriage", "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma". I thought he was going to be some kind of agressive rhyme spitter, but he turned out to be like an East Coast MC Hammer or something, or a more agressive Ma$e. Joe Budden's got to come out and do something that will move me a bit; I didn't buy his record, and what I saw and heard from it was alright. As for The Game, I heard him freestyle, but I'm thinking his steelo is alot like Crooked I's. Matter of fact, I don't care if Dre is producing The Game, I'd rather hear Crooked I, for real.

I guess after the Nas and Jay beef came and went, there just isn't much further this "beef" thing can go.

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