Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Sex for Bracelets

Some middle school kids have made up a game of sex for bracelets. Girls wear the bracelets and boys will grab the bracelets, and each bracelet symbolizes a sex act.

Amusing, but Im not really comfortable with the fact that these kids are in the fifth grade.

I guess I could say that our kids are getting too fast through our cultural influences (does Britney have to do with this?) and a wider access to adult stuff.

On the other hand, this could just be natural; maybe kids have always been fast, maybe its a small majority, maybe its more harmless than its made out to be.

When I have a child, I will take responsibility for their moral upbringing, and without being overprotective, I would see to it that she or he would not be a "ho" or a "player". It's gotta start at home. Better that than the culture police trying to change the culture back to early 50's "Leave It To Beaver" and "I Love Lucy" days.

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