Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Streets of DC aint no joke; culture of violence

Apparently there was a random shooting which claimed the life of a child. Sad. In the world of hip hop you got the random over the top cartoon violence, but this is the reality behind all that. Quotes:

"There is a culture of violence and attitude that exists among many people that leads to violence we've been witnessing," said Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey. "There really is no explaining this."

"It is hard to imagine how the parties responsible for this horrific crime could become so indifferent, so incapable of appreciating the gift of human life," the mayor said.

"We need better resources so our kids have something to do instead of hang out, chase each other around and shoot each other," Johnson-Bey said. "All kinds of resources in this country are going to the war when we have terror right here on our own streets."

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