Thursday, May 27, 2004

Shortage of black and Latino grads........

It's sad, but there is proof that those cliches about more Black Men in jail than in college. Here is one article that sadly brings out this underreported issue.

Some samples from the article:

Overall, 63 percent of four-year college students earn a degree within six years, the usual benchmark for college completion.

But the breakdowns at some colleges, particularly along racial lines, are alarming. Of the 772 four-year schools with student bodies that are at least 5 percent black, nearly 40 percent graduated fewer than 30 percent of their black students. Sixty-eight schools, or nearly 10 percent, graduated under 10 percent.

I remember back when I started school at Howard, some classes that I had already had in high school some of my friends were struggling through. So, it doesn't surprise me when they say:

Carey said some explanations are beyond universities' control, acknowledging poor and minority students generally come to college less well prepared academically.

Somebody has a solution:

Tom Meredith, chancellor of the University of Georgia system, said a task force there is working to improve graduation rates. About half of students who enter the system receive a degree, either where they start or at another state school.

He said the system wants to produce more prepared students, close a race gap, and simply make room for the hundreds of thousands of students the system must accommodate in the coming years.

"We need their seats," Meredith said. "We need to get them in, get them out, and get them to work."

The only way to get far in this society is through a good education. Education is Liberation.

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