Thursday, May 20, 2004

Who are we?

This is a book which is broken down in this article called "White Fear In Wartime".

Quotes from article:

What is the book about?

In his just published book, "Who are We: The Challenges to America's National Identity," Huntington speaks about the meteoric rise of white nativism in America, for which he offers not an apology but a rationale: "The most powerful stimulus to such white nativism will be the cultural and linguistic threats whites see from the expanding power of Latinos in U.S. society."

How should we react to "white fear"?

The failure to recognize white fear and confront it on its own terms has become Latinos' central strategic error in the domestic policy wars that vilify immigrants, destroy schools and disproportionately push larger and larger numbers of former students of crumbling school systems into prisons and into the ranks of the dead and endangered in Iraq.

Is the book racist? They say:

Rather than fall into the psy-op trap of reactive anger by dismissing the book as the rant of a "racist" or a 19th century backwoods nativist, it is best to interpret "Who Are We" as another very dangerous installment in the career of a seasoned national security specialist. With the steely calculus of a post-Cold War warrior in search of new enemies, Huntington is helping create a fear that is transforming American and Latino identity, and U.S. politics overall -- a fear most visible in our gated communities, gated countries and gated minds.

Why should we read a book like this? How seriously should we take "white fear"?

Even though ideas about race, ethnicity, culture and civilization are fluid and murky, white fear is cohesive and entrenched. It gets funding for research using state-of-the-art statistical methods to prove age-old ideas about white intellectual superiority; it informs government policies and media coverage that -- despite the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, white militias and private border battalions -- never link "white" with "threat," "terrorist" or (to use Huntington's term) "challenge." White fear mobilizes Republican and Democratic voters to defend their perceived racial interests under the guise of patriotism.

As it is, this article is interesting, but in the end, I think the only way to really approach these questionable ideas is read them for yourself. His ideas have been dismissed by the establishment, since nobody took his other book "Clash of the Civilizations" seriouly. However, its not too hard to believe there are extremists who do believe in his ideas.

Buy the book at Amazon if you want to see for yourself.

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