Friday, May 07, 2004

Those old prejudices we all got............

I can understand that everybody wants their kids to be close to white so they don't have to worry about their kids self esteem issues and gettin' stopped by the stinky 5-0. But this is just B.S. in the hightest order! Like, for example, in this article on rap, this poster argues that Jay-Z might ruin Beyonce's "gene pool":

He seems proud to be with her (including his 'Dirt Off Ya Shoulder' video), but I can't picture them getting married. There are other celebrities I could see him with like Blu Cantrell who wants him. He's going to ruin Beyonce's gene pool and they're going to make okay looking children instead of gorgeous children - all because of him!"

She proceeds to ask, what do you think? I dont even want to dignify this internet foolishness with a response. Just that she's full of tihs.

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