Sunday, May 09, 2004

The objectification of women in music videos.....

A confused hip hop generation or nation didn't know how to respond to the Eminem tap because of how the objectification of black women is so ingrained in the culture. As it is, it is a bigger issue than Eminem and his tape, but also that incident shows the bigger issue that suggests the influence the culture has on people.


The use of women as hypersexualized props for the fantasies of male rappers is endemic in music videos. Though the objectification and abuse of women aren't confined to that art form, it sets a low standard of behavior. R&B singer R. Kelly has been indicted on 14 counts of child pornography. He allegedly had sex with a minor and videotaped it. Rapper Snoop Dogg recently branched out to direct porn films. Nelly is marketing an energy drink called "Pimp Juice."

The general silence, indifference and complicity of African-Americans when it comes to disrespecting black women remain as troubling as the individuals and corporations that produce this junk.

Check out Black Electorate.

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