Saturday, May 15, 2004

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Where I live in Maryland, I can image totally integrated proms. The music of the moment, hip hop, would blair from the speakers, in addition to pop and R&B, as many interracial couples would take to the dance floor, bopping, doing all the latest dances, doing the Electric Slide, until the break of dawn.

However, where I grew up in Connecticut, most of the kids in my hometown or at the school I went to in the next town over would only imagine dancing to Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake. Back in the 80's, to go to a prom which had black music, I'd have to go to a school which had mostly black students!

In some small town in Georgia, they had 3 PROMS. One for the Hispanics, one for the black students, and one for the white students. I guess its very well defined what the kids like and what they want to dance to; in this case its a cultural thing, and people aren't like they are in Maryland everywhere.

From the article:

But high school Principal Ralph Hardy said it now has nothing to do with race — it has to do with diverse cultural traditions and different tastes in food and music.

School officials said students are invited to attend any of the proms — even all three if they wish.

I don't think its racist, I think the students have every right to kick it with who they want to kick it with, and in this case that is okay, but at the same time it should be remembered this is a multicultural society, no matter who denies it.

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