Friday, June 25, 2004

The Cointelpro Papers

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Who Wanna Be a Millionaire?
ESPN story on The NBA Draft.

Get it? "White Chicks?"
MSN Online and E! Online review of the awful "White Chicks". (Sorry Keenan!)

Now Dick Cheney indecent?

Dick Cheney caught using the "f" word.

Damn, DMX, is it really that bad?

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Though he hasn't been out of the spotlight that long, DMX seems to have pulled a Chi-Ali move already. I thought that DMX was going to retire, go to the mountains and retreat, and read his Bible, and would come back a new man. I guess I was wrong. I didn't think anything of Ja Rule's reference to DMX having a "drug problem" in his interview with Vibe, but turns out to be pretty serious. Like really serious. He was caught "impersonating an FBI agent" in a car jacking:

According to a criminal complaint filed in the case, Simmons tried unsuccessfully to force another motorist from his car in an airport parking lot, claiming he was an FBI agent.
Simmons and Hudgins are accused of subsequently crashing their SUV through the lot's exit gate, as Simmons yelled at the parking attendant: "Let us out. We're federal agents." They were stopped by Port Authority police a short time later.

According to Newsday, he appeared "zoned out".
Rapper DMX, who was arrested Thursday night at Kennedy Airport for allegedly impersonating a police officer, was hospitalized after he appeared "zoned out" and was acting disruptively, law enforcement sources said Friday.

And a search of his car turned up drugs:

A search of the vehicle belonging to the rapper and actor, whose given name is Earl Simmons, turned up a small amount of crack cocaine and the drug depocate, which is often prescribed for bipolar disorder, the sources said

All this in the midst of worldwide gigs and legal trouble with some company that makes canine clothes. Now, if he's got concerts to perform and legal issues to take care of, when would he have time to take part in a petty carjacking? Maybe there is more to this than imagined.

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