Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Drama: T Boz and Mack 10

Looks like the last time you'll see these two as a couple.

I remember they were hand in hand on some awards show a couple of years ago, the perfect example of the "cliche" hardcore gangsta rap star and the "R&B chick", but I accepted it, wrong as it looked. I remember on TV T Boz said she wanted a "corporate thug", so I was like, hey, whatever.

If we are to believe the report filed by T-Boz, Mack 10 is acting out the bad boy gangsta that he plays in his music. Or is he a for real "gangsta"?

According to court documents filed by Watkins, the rapper allegedly threatened to “smash her teeth down her throat,” then pushed her to the ground and choked her, on one occasion when she was trying to leave the couples residence with their daughter. The document states that on another occasion, he threatened to have her “erased.” The documents reportedly make no mention of adultery.

If these allegations are true, I would say that relationships require a full measure of maturity. Handling disputes with "Im going to have you erased." WTF? If you act that way toward your wife of all people, I'd have to say you got issues.

I've been wondering about Mack's "career", and it seems like in the day and age of the million dollar rapper, Mack just fell short. He just wasn't making any hits, his deal with Ca$h Money seemed to fall through, 1 album and thats it, he was rolling with Suge Knight, and that didn't amount to much, and he's on indie labels. Must hurt in a day and age when the cats you influenced are coming up, and you are washed up. T-Boz has a chance to get back on top if she goes solo, and closes the book on the TLC chapter of her life. All she needs is one hit, and it could work better than this marriage did.

First Snoop, now Mack 10. Guess gangsta and gentleman doesn't mix. Check out the report in USA Today.

The Beastie Boys

Pick up the Beasties "To The 5 Boroughs"

Looks like Im going to be going to the record store to get the Beastie Boys latest. I've been into the Beasties ever since I heard "Rock Hard" back in like '84. I was digging them because they seemed to mix all the 80's styles of music (rap, rock, metal, punk) and did each style equally well. They were good rappers and they could've went the route of being a punk band, but they did it so good that back in the day you just had to get their records; the 12 inch single, the tape, the vinyl, the CD. I can't seem to jibe with Eminem to well, who has a similar formula, but I will always be into the Beasties.

Today in hip hop/urban history

Ice Cube born on this day in 1969.

On 6/15/92, the hard core rap group Public Enemy breaks up after group member Professor Griff makes anti-semetic remarks. They would reassemble 2 months later.

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