Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Is this really news?

Now, I know Eminem is popular and all, but are these two items.Is it me, or do they seem to sound like one of the stupidest stories to appear in print:

Hijinks Backstage at MTV Movie Awards


Costumed as various stars of yesteryear, the Detroit rap crew passed the time before their performance by taunting glamorous and beautiful passers-by.

"Sharon Stone! I'm Rick James," shouted D12's Kon Artis, who was dressed as the funky singer. He stopped the stunned "Basic Instinct" star in her tracks and caressed her hand. "I love your movies," he purred.

She forced a smile. "I ... love your music ...?" she said with uncertainty, before her entourage hustled her out a side entrance.

D12's Bizarre ogled her as she walked away. "Sharon Stone ..." he growled.

When Halle Berry passed by, Kon Artis shouted: "Halle! We love your music!"

The Oscar-winning actress, who doesn't record music, did her best to ignore them.

And the even more inane:

MTV to Cut Shot of Eminem Exposing Rear

Good examples of really dumb news? Maybe its just me!

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