Monday, June 14, 2004

Hip Hop Philosophy?

Taken from Hip Hop Philosophy:

Self-respect is the foundation, direction and principle of purpose. It must be the principle of purpose, because without it, we are without purpose.
Our ‘purpose’ is the reason ‘why’, and the answer to the question ‘why?’.
‘Why?' is the first question asked by a child, when they are instructed, by an elder, or anybody, to do, or not do, something, because people, of any age, need a purpose in life. A reason ‘why’ they should do the right thing, and not the wrong thing. An understanding, or overstanding, of having a purpose in life, or a sense of their responsibility to The Creator, and it’s many blessings: life, love, water, food, air-oxygen, The Sun, solar system, the miracle of nature (sometimes called Mother Nature), and the miracle of creation (like childbirth).

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