Friday, June 11, 2004

Today in hip hop/urban history-1984

Beat Street premiered on 6/8/1984. Nobody's been saying a thing about it, but this is the 20th anniversary of that movie. Where are the special DVD editions and such?

Regardless, I'll never forget when I went to the theater in Hartford. I was in the 8th grade, and I was just wanting to see this movie so bad. I had seen "Breakin'" earlier, but Beat Street was like the East Coast NYC all the way; Breakin' was West Coast. The theater I was in was packed with youngsters; so many of Hartfords youths filed in to see this movie. It wasn't the most exciting flick; a Christmastime movie in June seems kinda strange, but it was the breakdancing we all wanted to see. For its time, it had everybody, like Afrika Bambatta, Treacherous Three, Dougie Fresh, Jazzy Jay and even Kool Herc. I knew all these cats by name, and it was just exciting to see them on film. A classic.

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