Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Self Destruction?

I think it was sad some of the drama surrounding this incident where a young dude (about 18) asked to buy a slurpee for some female at a 7-11, and then the girl's boyfriend and his boys beat the guy down and three cars ran over the dude. To me, this is sad that in what I perceive and guess to be a combination of that hardcore "thug" attitude and macho posturing. It's something that is quite common in our communities, this need to be "respected" and to show the ladies what a man you are.

Sure, I wasn't there, but I'm probably not off the mark in guessing how the scenario went down. Thing is, the guy who died could have been a great leader, a scientist or a doctor. The guy who went with his boys to beat the guy down could have had the same potential. When will we learn?

A couple of years ago, Washington DC was the "City Under Siege". When I first came here in '88, there was crack, prostitutes, and guns all over the place. Now that has been overrun by high property values, shifting demographics, and many more changes.

If our youth try to embrace these "gangsta" and "thug" ethics and codes, we will only destroy ourselves from within. Our children need to think of their future; studying hard, getting a good job, and getting the hell out of Dodge the first chance they get.

The only thing that being a "gangsta" or a "thug" will get you is jail or the grave. I know this will be a controversial statement, but look what happened to Tupac. Look where he ended up. Its never too late to change.

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