Thursday, June 17, 2004

Nicole Richie

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The first time I watched that TV Show "The Simple Life",I didn't really take it as something I would follow. I've watched and followed some really dumb TV Shows, but this one show I could not possibly follow! Two dumb girls stuck in the country, how good could that be?

So, I was reading Jet and it had Lionel Richie in it, and they had it in the article about Lionel Richie's daughter Nicole was in the Simple Life. I looked at the picture, and I thought, damn she cute, I could see her being Lionel's daughter. I guess I didn't read the part that said she was adopted.

Today, I was sitting in the doctor's office reading Entertainment Weekly, and there was a picture of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton sucking on lollipops. I accept that Paris Hilton is nothing but a bimbo, but Nicole Richie? And I can't deny it, but I said to myself, "Nicole Richie was one of those dumb girls?" I guess when I really looked I saw them looking like Pamela Anderson on a good day, but I really had to look to make that connection between that girl I saw in Jet with that girl I was seeing in that Entertainment Weekly picture.

Useless debates aside about Nicole's "blackness" or her identifying with being a "sista" or a "blonde bimbo", I guess its best to think that there is only one race: human. That sure does simplify things a bit.

LL Cool J's new album

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Taking a day off from work, I was watching the Showtime at the Apollo on TV One, and they show the repeats from back in the day. Sure enough, there was LL Cool J as a younster, performing "I Need Love". Funniest thing was when some girls rushed the stage, and he had to fight along with his bodyguard to get away from them, but he still kept on performing.

He has a new album coming out called "The DEFinition". He will be in my area in Baltimore on Friday (6/18) at the African American Heritage Festival, as part of a three-day lineup that also features Kanye West, Anthony Hamilton, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Cee-Lo and Gerald Levert

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