Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My baby Christina Milian!

I'm going to miss the BET Awards tonight, because I have to go to a class I am attending. It will be on at 8 o'clock tonight, and I wont get home probably until 10 o'clock. I could've recorded it, but its really not all that crucial for me. I'll wait, after all, they repeat the show like 20 times before they stop showing it at all.But, my girl is gonna be there, and Im going to miss it. Damn.

Available Today!

Get Slum Village's "Detroit Deli" at Amazon!
Read the review on the All Music Guide.

Also, today that highly anticipated Lloyd Banks release s well. Check out the review on the All Music Guide. I guess a lot of people are excited about it and will buy it, but I dunno,I'm not catching the wave.

I think instead, I'd rather buy Mr Complex's latest album "Twisted Mister". He's the best MC most have never heard of.

Also, Lil Wayne on why he said he's the "best rapper alive."

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