Sunday, June 27, 2004

Non rappin' Shaq is crap!

Stick to basketball!
You know one of the things that pisses me off in hip hop is the fact that Shaq had a record deal. Next thing I know, I was house hunting today and was listening to WKYS 93.9FM, and they addressed this whole ridiculous beef between Shaq and Skillz.

Taken from

On a recent DJ Sickamore mixtape, Shaquille O'Neil seemingly takes time off from battling in the paint to take a few stabs at Virginia's own Skillz. Some speculate that Shaq is getting back at Skillz for calling him out in "Ghostwriter," a track on which the Virginia emcee blasts clients he's written rhymes for on the low.
Shaq opens the barrage of lyrics by spitting, "I don't care how mad your skills is you can't serve me" before adding, "I don't f#@$ with dubs either / you the 4th best from Virginia and guess what I don't f#@$ with scrubs neither / matter of fact I don't know what you look like / you be spitting metaphors like you a geek Canibus studio book type /...I be watching your little shows ni99a / crying about not being paid by my label, shut up, stop acting like a hoe ni99a..."

Now, who is Shaq to be dissing a real MC who called him out? Skillz shouldn't have even bothered; Shaq's "skillz" on the mic speak for themselves. He should've been practicing free throws instead.

And by the way, when will Skillz record come out? Trading all three of Shaq's CD's wouldn't be an even trade for one new Skillz CD.

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