Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ludacris and Bill O' Reilly: The Beef Continues

Bill O' Reilly
Looks like Bill O'Reilly won't let it go; in his piece bluntly titled "Why is Atlanta Honoring Thug-Rapper Ludacris?", you can just feel the love that Bill and his guest have for the ATL MC.

YOUNG: Well, it's interesting. There has been very little coverage locally in the media about the Ludacris Day and June 7 being the day that -- I guess forever now June 7, 2004, will be Ludacris Day, very little attention given to that. But I find it interesting that we have some very -- you know, like well-respected historically black women's college in Atlanta, Spelman College (search), I know many of the viewers will be familiar with that institution, disinvited one of Ludacris' fellow rappers, Nelly, because his lyrics and the lifestyle that he was a proponent of was denigrating to women. So we have educated black women in Atlanta speaking out pretty clearly here.

On Hip Hop as a culture:

YOUNG: Well, I think that's probably right. I think the word got out, if you read the Internet traffic and the media that covers the hip-hop culture, it was a massive event, it was a big event, a very important thing for the hip-hop culture, because what it did was it put the veneer of respectability, the stamp of government approval on behavior that is denigrating to women and advocates violence.

Bill even throws darts at Method Man and Redman, referring to the sitcom coming out:

One footnote to this report. The FOX Television Network, which is located in Los Angeles, is putting on a sitcom starring two thug rappers. These are bad guys. And to be fair, I'm not going to watch FOX as long as this program is on the air. This has nothing to do, of course, with the FOX News Channel here in New York. -- That's [created by] the entertainment division.

"These are bad guys". LOL. This coming from a cheerleader of the current administration. But he's entitled to his opinion.

Deep quote from Chuck D's current journal entry:

But this urban radio has an excuse stating in essence that the black listening audience has little or no time to check out political issue or in the Fearless Four terminology 'Problems In The World Today' obviously when major issues arise, the community seems so distant from learning about them. Joblessness, homelessness,drug abuse,disease,along with the lack of control over education,employment,and enforcement have positioned the black community to the point of dire straits. You wouldn't know this While this is not anything new,i would suppose that the disconnect has now led to a zone of denial. Younger heads have not been privy to the legacy of the music because marketing departments figure they cant sell history to this demographic audience.

Today in Hip Hop/Urban History

Buy Sista Souljah's book "No Disrespect" here!
On this day (6/16)in 1992, Rapper Sister Souljah called Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton a "draft dodging, pot smoking womanizer. He had criticized her for suggesting that blacks kill whites because there's too much black-on-black violence.

Tupac Shakur born 6/16/1971

"Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real."
2Pac Legacy


  1. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Man dude 2 me pac iz a legend. he iz da best rapper dat eva lived and 2 all dem ppl dat say lil wayne betta den fuck yal cuz he ant nowhere near pac level. dnt git me wrong lil wayne iz toppin most of dese rappers 2day but he culd neva top Pac ~point blank!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    i can give a best example of thug rapper,he was tupac he was great man. if u are listenning what tupac tryin to say the world is thug are not bad the environment around them making them runnin in street,smokin and hates make him just crazy. but from the heart is pure that i believe.thug rapper are not bad the media just tryin to show them bad.there are in pain so try to help them not just ignoring them always