Thursday, June 03, 2004

Meet Letta!

More so than B-Ball Players, I am a big fan of the cheerleaders and the dance team. Cheerleaders are often the most neglected aspect of the game. They are seen as being merely sex objects, but sports is just a show, entertainment and such. But, unless you pay like $200 to go to an actual game, you don't get to see them on TV.

This is one of the Howard University campuse's finest.Fellas, this is what you will get a chance to see if you go to Howard University, I'm telling you. Ladies, if you plan to go to Howard, this is what you have to compete with, but just do you. I have to give props to this cheerleader of 2002-2003 Washington Wizards Dance Team. She didn't make it to 2003-2004 Dance Team this last season, but she's just the lick, ain't she?

Maybe she graduated, moved on, whatever, but I have to give props to one of the best aspects of the Washington Wizards. Do your thing, Letta!

Now if only the Washington Wizards didn't suck so badly, maybe I'd actually watch the games I get to go to.

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