Saturday, June 26, 2004

DC Caribbean Carnival

Damnit I missed it, but I used to go to the DC Caribbean Carnival to try to get pictures of scantily clad women. It'd be alot better to get a video camera, really up the ante a bit, but oh well, I missed it altogether.

Weekend Vibe

Im watching the Weekend Vibe show, and Im just wondering, does anybody watch this boring show? The only thing they accomplish is making hip hop boring and forcing you to go out and find something interesting to do, or watch Mad TV.

Maia Campbell

I picked up the chickenhead magazine Sister 2 Sister because it had an article about Maia Campbell. She was cute as a mug on that show "In the House" with LL Cool J. She was doing some serious drugs, and rumors that she slept with Fat Joe, Tyrese, some dude from 112, and a bunch of other cats was put to rest. Then she also goes and disses Megan Good, Reagan Gomez Preston, and some other industry girl, but then she compliments them. Its an interesting read.

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