Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tucker Carlson-right wing bitch azz

This kid is on CNN all the time, talking trash and making angry faces, acting like he's actually somebody or something. The way he was talking trash to the Canadians; not that I really care about the Canadians one way or another, but I dunno, I just wanted to beat him down like in Menace II Society, when that character Cain beat down the cousin of the girl he got pregant when the dude stepped to him. Remember that? However, Canada's got some tight females, but that's besides the point.

If I saw him on the street, all I would want to do is just beat him down with my fists, then beat him down with a stick.

This is the type of cat that if he was in prison, he'd make a good "beeyootch". That's why I call him a bitch azz!

All bark and no bite. I could kick his azz in 1 minute. No sweat. Matter of fact, probably a ten year old could beat him down without a stick!

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