Monday, January 31, 2005

The Evolution of Ghetto Booty

I went to a strip club the other night, and I have to say one thing; I think that the black woman's ass is one of the seven wonders of the world. I just was sitting in my seat, chillin', and enjoying this female who was dancing for about an hour. She was young, fit and trim, and had a fat ass. So I thought to myself, why is the black woman's ass so fat?

One theory comes from a questionable website, but they do offer me a halfway decent explanation, and keep in mind the Hottentots (real name Khoikhoi) they talk about are one group of people in Africa:

In many characteristics Hottentots are biologically specialized for life in a hot and dry climate. One of these distinctive adaptations is steatopygia, which literally means "fat buttocks." This is a solution to the problem of how to store fat in preparation for times of little food and still be able to shed body heat in a hot climate. Most of the fat is bundled in one place – the buttocks – leaving the rest of the body lean so as to make it easy to lose heat. It is the human equivalent of the camel's hump.

This interview with a physician attributes ghetto booty (in the interview only attributed to African women) to a "body fat distribution pattern":

What was different was the shape of the buttocks. African women have a body fat distribution pattern that makes for very prominent buttocks, and this mimics high-grade lumbar lordosis. So the conclusion from these studies, which I also published, was that the degree of lumbar lordosis in African women is the same as that seen in Europeans, but that the shape of the buttocks is different in African females.

Very interesting is the story of Saartjie Baartman:

She was brought to England in 1810 and displayed as a side-show attraction in London and Paris to demonstrate the alleged anatomical distortions of the black female, particularly the size and shape of her buttocks. Bartmann was subjected to the pseudoscientific investigations of European researchers, including an infamous dissection after her death at the age of twenty-five, as well as to the voyeuristic and judgmental gaze of the general public.2

Shot, that kind of exploitation makes rap videos look like child's play. Interesting how things don't change.

On this forum, the question is asked: Why do the majority of black males have a sexual fixation on overly large female buttocks? It seems like the bigger the better. The best answer was this:
Many African women are descendants of the "Bantu," a beautiful tribe of well-proportioned people. Also, the point was made that historically, Greeks made monuments to shapely rear ends. Sculptures were made that highlighted this part of a woman's anatomy Read more about the Bantu people here!

In a debate about "throwing vs. running", this point is made:

Large buttocks in african's particularly south african women is apparently in response to long term selection of the !kung and surrounding peoples. Females must gain a certain amount of weight, sufficient to carry them through childbearing through potential times of shortages (i.e. for the !kung all the time). The age of where socially permissible reproduction begins at about the time women have accumulated this adipose mass, and spacing between offspring is timed to the

I will be doing more research, but this is what I got on a random, jaded, and somewhat mindless internet search. Hope that either answers questions or starts a quest for the answer. Or a quest for a beautiful black ass.

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  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    lmao..i was in my anatomy class and they where talking about lardosis in pregnant women and i was like i am not pregnant but my back sure is curved. I am from somalia and we definitely have huge butts...iunno why, prolly something about the heat and storage for times of hunger but interesting, thanks for sharing. It's a beautiful thing although it took me sometime to love it. :)