Saturday, January 15, 2005

My attitude:Screw 'em

These last couple of days have been hectic. I put in an order with the neighborhood bootlegger for the G.A.M.E's debut CD. Yeah, I've brought into all the hype, read the article in the latest issue of Vibe, heard him pumped from the radios up and down the street, and "How We Do" has finally caught on with me. Im not buying the CD though, since Im not trying to support the whole G-UNIT/SHADY/AFTERMATCH/INTERSCOPE/Jimmy Iovine rap machine. Screw 'em.

But, you know, Im not really all into that commercial stuff, since I been putting music into my IPOD, I have re-discovered my favorite Underground cats like Mathematics, Trickstar, Reks, and other underground type stuff. I'm really more into variety.

Here in DC the mood of the atmosphere is all about protesting this Inaugural Bash. However, I don't what these groups are thinking about. I been with it, but I guess I expected a little more. Like, the people of Turn Your Back on Bush, now, I thought they would sneak into all these swanky affairs and then dis Bush by turning their back on him.However, when his float or whatever comes by in the Inaugural parade, they will turn their back on him. And the ANSWER Coalition will be sitting in a group of bleachers. I don't know, that souns real weak to me. My only question in regards to this stupid Inaugaration thing is why bother even showing up in the first place? Screw 'em.

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