Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Fat Albert

I saw that movie Fat Albertlast week. I got it from a bootlegger who comes to the store I work at, and he sold it as part of a 3 DVD deal; 3 DVD's for $20.00. Needless to say, they turned out to be filmed through a camera in a movie theater; and I wonder who allows them to do this filming in the movie theater?

Regardless, the Fat Albert movie follows in that Brady Bunch/Charlie's Angels mold; they take something old and bring it into the present day. It was made for the youngsters more or less, but I think that old school fans can get into it as well. Fat Albert articulates what Bill Cosby tried to but failed to articulate in those controversial statements he made last year. This movie and the cartoon always stressed to me the importance of being around positive people.

Bill Cosby lived in North Philly, and they had the temptations and lure of the streets, but what kept Bill right were his positive friends. They were a gang, but this was a gang of young black youths who didn't have to be thugs or gangbangers, images so prevalent in rap music.

Being 7-10 years back when Fat Albert was out, this was positive entertainment. Too bad kids today don't have that now.

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