Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Does this story really matter?

In the Washington Post today, they have a headline "Search for Banned Arms In Iraq Ended Last Month."

Does this really matter? Most Americans forgot all about that. Everybody has got into the lull of believing that this was a "humanitarian war". I don't even think anybody is getting into the whole oil aspect anymore. Oil was pretty much part of the picture, but was never the whole picture to me, which is why Im not really into the whole "No Blood for Oil" cliche.

In short, most Americans don't care about the weapons argument, they don't demand to know such things as how many Iraqis have died in this war (and I know its not the 100,000 number that was pitched out a couple months ago), and they don't want to hold anyone accountable in the government for failures in Iraq or even failures in regards to 9/11. Only a small majority of Americans, but most? I don't think so. Sad, but true.

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